Religion Only Exists For Self Hope.

I write this article with a certain sense of anger and frustration towards a certain aspect in all of our lives called “Religion”. The division it has caused amongst our fellow human beings from generation to generation. This perceived barrier which has restricted us from living life for what it really is, empathy and embrace for the differences that we have and respect for each other. I’m not saying there’s a problem with respect amongst cultures, I know amazing people who show respect for cultures but what I cannot stand are the barriers it has caused in our future. Have a read, you’ll get what I’m talking about. I’ll keep it short.

Growing up we never really had a choice on religion so I was born Islam by default and I don’t see anything wrong with not having a choice. Our parents were part of a culture and our birth is a contribution to the culture. We were taught by either our parents or even a tutor about the rights and wrongs of our religion, what it allows and what it forbids. We never really understood it because you’re a kid, you listen to whatever is being said without knowing it’s right and wrong. You read certain writings about the Holy Book published somewhere and you’re not mature enough to question it, so you believe it.

But here’s where the frustration comes in. Overtime, I’ve read multiple phrases mentioned in the Holy Book (Quran), it was never really 100% specific to me. It was not thorough enough for me to say that this is what’s right and this is what’s wrong. I remember reading this one specific article on it and when translated it mentioned something like this (I will refrain from mentioning exactly what it said for personal reasons), “It was mentioned that a certain act was forbidden but it was not specific therefore it was said”. “Therefore it was said”? Said by who? A human being just like me and you? Are we basing the future of our society based on an assumption of some sort? You may not agree with me but please try to think about what I’m saying. It’s almost laughable to even have read that.

Since we were kids, we hung out with different people from all areas of life and different cultures. Think about it. What do we all preach as human beings no matter what religion or race you belong to? We preach love, we preach empathy, we preach care and a hundred other similar things and yet we find ourselves in differentiation which has never made sense to me. Nobody f***ing preaches Hate. Unless you’re some sociopath who has this false sense of belief that “My culture is better than yours”. It’s pathetic.

Look at the cultural problems when it comes to marrying someone outside your faith. A huge issue in my faith. A problem being passed down from generation to generation time and time again. Acknowledging the love you have for another human being is being restricted due to its “Forbidden Cultural Nature”. Forbidden? Are you kidding me? You’re telling me that we were put on Earth only to create the future with individuals from our own faith? You don’t see anything wrong with that? The common argument being thrown which defends the stupidity, “the kids will have a tough time”. Maybe let the kids get exposed to the cultures and let them decide what they want? I’m not saying it’s easy, definitely easier said than done, no doubt about that but for the sake of a more positive future, this is a conversation that will only stay a conversation until we all start questioning what has been taught.

I was an observant person right from the beginning. Something never felt right from the beginning. How miserable people felt when they could not be with someone due to the cultural difference. I’ve consoled people about this and the question I have, if they say that is “Forbidden” and it is the “right thing to do according to the faith”, why the hell does that person feel miserable rather than better? I know people who still feel that level of incompleteness due to it and it makes no sense to me.

Here’s my perspective on this, Religion only exists for self hope. On the days where things don’t seem okay and you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, you have this belief in you that everything will be okay because there’s a higher power looking after you. I’m a strong believer that there’s someone out there looking out for you. I pray before bed for the things I wish for and for the things I’m grateful for.

It only exists to give yourself Hope, nothing more, nothing less. It’s not suppose to divide us but bring us together. If we ever want to move forward as a society or even as a nation, it starts with this. As individuals we can control what we believe in and there’s only so much One can do. I can control the belief system my Son or Daughter would have to some extent and he/she will one day question me about my belief systems too and that’s okay. Collectively, we can change things for a more stable future.

Hope you enjoyed this read!

Much Love!





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Azfar Saboor

Azfar Saboor

Business • Sales • Marketing • Creative Writing

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